About Us

Once seated you are immediately presented with fresh, warm tortilla chips, salsa, and special sauces. As you savor the flavor from one of the delicious appetizers, be sure to try one of our premium margaritas, as they are designed to refresh and stimulate your senses.

Our restaurants are a fiesta of food and fun for everyone!

As you leave, you will recall the warmth and commitment of a family of people dedicated to making your experience in our home a memorable one.

Expect the unexpected at Mexicantown's Los Galanes

With taquerias sprouting all over town, Armando Galan and his family -- los galanes -- knew they needed something more to set their Mexican restaurant apart from the crowd. So, on the second floor of the three original brick storefronts that compirse the restaurant at Bagley and 23rd streets, they added EI Huachinango Grill, a seafood bar, named for the red snapper...


While Los Galanes spends most of the week as a well-respected and popular Mexican restaurant, weekend nights fined the establishment shedding its mild-mannered reputation to become the neighborhood's favorite dance spot.